About Julie

Meet Julie Wuis, R.N.

“Proportions are everything when it comes to injectables. It takes a certain trained eye to see what the best possible outcome for the patient will be and to understand what the result is before treatment has even begun.”

Julie has been published in several articles in her field and is a guest speaker at conferences across Canada. She has spoken on topics such as dealing with advanced complications with injectables, training on protocol/treatment planning, as well as emphasizing the importance of vulnerability amongst patients with medical professionals. Honesty and trust are what Julie wants to embody in her practice as a Nurse Injector.

“Trust is everything when it comes to the healthcare field, and this is why I continue to work in the Emergency at the University of Alberta and Grey Nuns hospital. These environments keep me humble and aware of the importance to maintain that connection in the nurse/patient relationship.”

“Before I begin any procedure with a client, I ensure they are sitting in my chair for the right reasons. Medical Aesthetics is meant to provide a boost of confidence and improved self-image, but it also has its limits. I have to make sure my clients know, regardless of what treatment they receive, beauty on the inside is what counts and comes first.”

Medical aesthetics is a bonus to enhance what the patient already has structurally. We want to add dimension and lift where it is needed to rejuvenate their appearance.

“Regardless if a patient comes in to discuss a procedure, or even to talk about personal matters, I am here to support the patient on their journey, in whatever way that may be.”

Julie has made a name for herself by dedicating her time to patients who need cosmetic correction/revision from injectables that have not achieved satisfactory results in the past.

“Correcting patients’ dermal fillers from the past is my obligation and duty if it does not benefit their appearance.”

“It is just that simple; I am obsessed with your results, period.”
– Julie Wuis “The Queen of Face”