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Filler vs Neuromodulators- What is the difference? 3000 2000 The Queen of Face

Filler vs Neuromodulators- What is the difference?

Soft tissue fillers have quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market because these treatments can shape, accentuate, and sculpt facial features without the invasiveness of plastic surgery. Facial fillers are often confused with neuromodulators (aka. Botox, commonly used together in treatment). Neuromodulators “freeze” muscle movement to prevent wrinkles, while fillers…

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Rejuvaderm- Western Canadas most sophisticated Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics Clinic Myself and our team welcome you to Rejuvaderm, a brand new Medical Aesthetics and Dermatology clinic located in Westblock Glenora, Edmonton, AB.   We are opening doors JAN 16, 2020 for Julie to begin providing treatments and services. This will be in the Dermatology location…

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WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! THE QUEEN OF FACE Hello, all my incredible clients! Welcome to my brand new website for medical aesthetics. I am so excited to introduce my brand, “The Queen of Face,” and to launch all the upcoming updates for our new clinic, REJUVADERM in YEG!   It has been an honor and…