Before, After Care & Emergency Protocol

Before Care Instructions


Please show up to clinic with face washed clean, no makeup on the face for consultation and/or injection. Showing up with no makeup expedites the process of treatment and improves the chances of the best result possible. For men interested in lower face augmentation, please trim and/or shave facial hair prior to consult/treatment. Please remember that in consultation, Julie will be reviewing the procedures with you, injection costs, as well as discussing the benefits/risks of each treatment. Here is the time where you have the opportunity to ask any questions as well as share any concerns you may have in regards to treatment. Julie is fully open to rescheduling appointments if patients wish to defer to another time due to events, medical reasons, and/or wishing for more time to think about treatment plan.


-NSAIDS (Ibuprofen (Advil), ASA)


-Herpes simplex (HSV2) on lip (if plan is to treat lip area). Please take Valacyclovir to resolve 1 week before treatment.

-Appointments for massages and/or treatments to face same day post injection. 


-Dental work before or after treatment for minimum 3 weeks.

-Infections are a contraindication to treatment (Eg. Urinary tract infection, Abscess, etc.)

-NSAIDS (Ibuprofen (Advil), ASA)

-Alcohol (day of treatment and ideally day before as well)

-Herpes simplex (HSV2) on lip (if plan is to treat lip area). Please take Valacyclovir to resolve before treatment.

-Cystic Acne- increases risk of infection, patient should try to treat acne prior to injection if possible.

After Treatment


Immediately after the treatment, you will experience a numb feeling as well as some swelling. Swelling in the lips is more common and patients are notified in advance to be aware of this in case they want to take time off from work. This swelling disappears over time (typically 2-7 days). In even more exceptional cases, there may be some bruising after the treatment. This also disappears over time.  Bruises typically at first are blue and then progress to a purple/ yellow appearance once in the healing stages. Please apply ice for the first two days and then heat to the area if bruising is still on the skin. Colors of makeup to hide bruising are typically “orange tones” of foundation/concealer layered. If bruising is significant, please return to the clinic and RN Julie can help resolve some of the bruises in one session. Should you be the exception to the rule, then avoid sunlight to prevent pigmentation.


Please take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for any pain related symptoms post procedure. It is normal to feel headaches, tenderness and/or swelling in the injection site for the next few days. Please avoid strenuous activities or alcohol 1-2 days after treatment to allow for better healing post procedure.


Hyaluronic acid takes two weeks to become fixed into the surrounding tissue. The gel needs a few days to settle. In the first week after treatment, the hyaluronic acid may shift and look somewhat irregular. This is normal and patients are advised to ALWAYS WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR FULL RESULT. During the check-up – two weeks after the treatment – we can correct this if necessary.


The hyaluronic acid is slowly broken down after 1.5 to 3 years. However, there are large individual differences. For most people, it remains much longer. We recommend not waiting until the results are completely gone, but coming back before everything is broken down. This prevents losing the result and maintaining the integrity of the filler underneath the tissue.


Emergency Contact Information


Please call (780)-983-8866 if you are experiencing any of the following:

-Feeling shortness of breath and/or rash on skin that is itchy/bumpy.

-White/dusky/patchy areas that are tingling and/or painful appearing 1-24 hours post injection. Upon pushing on them with index finger, color does not change on the skin. In this case, please avoid ice or cold compresses on the face. Take 2-81mg Aspirin immediately and apply heat to the face with a cloth. Please call the number above immediately in this situation.

-Black/Blue swelling that is growing each hour 1-24 hours post injection. This could feel very painful/uncomfortable. In this situation apply NO ice and call number above immediately.

-Lumps/Bumps that feel swollen and hard. They may or may not be be painful to the touch (can occur weeks-months after treatment).

-Swelling/ Edema that is unusual or substantial. Please take an anti-histamine, apply a cold compress, and call number above for further instructions.