Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation is the powerhouse treatment for patients looking for the best overall result in their journey of positive aging.


Sagging cheeks is the most common sign of aging in the medical aesthetics field seen by practitioners. Shrinking of the cheekbone can cause a loss of elasticity, projection, as well as skin tone. Julie will use HA fillers to restore the framework and foundation of the face in this procedure. She will enhance the contour and projection of the cheekbone, as well as “tac back” the cheeks using specialized training in advanced injection techniques.

It is Julie’s favorite procedure as it provides an immediate lift of the face, softens nasolabial folds, slims the width of the face, as well as softens “jowling” of the lower face/neck. This procedure also corrects the tear trough area by supporting the eye muscle “soof” for it to soften the appearance of eyebags. It is the complete package in terms of a first treatment to do if a client is unsure on the first steps into HA filler rejuvenation. Results are immediate and have minimal swelling from this procedure. Patients can expect to have some tenderness post-procedure that resolves within a couple of days. Final results once the HA settles into the tissue is at two weeks. Results can last anywhere from 8 months- 2 years post-treatment.

Proven Results

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