Excess Chin Fat

Belkyra has broken down barriers when it comes to treating men and women struggling with excess submental chin adipose.


Belkyra is the only Health Canada approved injectable treatment for the improvement of the appearance of fullness in the area under the chin. Beklkyras active ingredient is DHA or deoxycholic acid. It is a lecithin substance that is from the bodies naturally occurring bile salts. Belkyra has been used for years all around the world and has been very successful in the permanent fat reduction of submental chin adipose without surgery. It works by disrupting the membrane of cells, which in turn destroys the fat cells, leaving the body to eliminate the cells as waste.


Belkyra results are permanent, barring that the patient does not have an excessive weight gain.


Benefits of Belkyra

• Reduces unwanted double chin fat without surgery

• Requires no surgery

• Permanent results

Frequently Asked Questions

  • RN Julie and the Physician will assess and review if you have excess submental fat (double chin). The Physician will confirm whether you are a right candidate for Belkyra and as a group, you will review the risks/benefits of the treatment as well as discuss other options if applicable to your treatment plan.

  • Julie will have the patient come in early for a full consultation and have a complete discussion of the treatment plan. She will numb the neck as well as provide analgesic, if ordered by the Physician, to prevent any discomfort for the patient. Before the treatment starts, Julie will apply a “safety grid” on the neck. This safety grid is to make sure complications will Belkyra are avoided during treatment.  Next, Julie will do several injections into the sites marked at a sufficient speed to prevent any discomfort to the patient. Between doses, Julie will have the patient hold a cold compress to ensure swelling is at a minimal during treatment.

  • After the treatment, the patient can expect to feel side effects such as the following:

    ·      Swelling: Swelling can be significant post-treatment, and patients should be aware of this. It can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on the patient. Swelling typically begins to resolve as the days pass; however, patients should avoid treatment if they have a big event coming up within the first-week post-treatment. Patients are instructed in the consult to plan accordingly.

    ·      Bruising: Bruising is typically minimal in this procedure but in rare cases can be severe.

    ·      Mild pain: Discomfort can occur for the day of the procedure and is expected to resolve. A post care sheet is given to instruct the patient on how to alleviate these symptoms.

    ·      Tingling or itchiness in the treatment area

    ·      Numbness

    ·      Areas of stiffness or hardness in the treatment areas

    Rare complications that may occur and must be reported to the clinic immediately:

    • Swallowing issues
    • Nerve injury in the face or jaw, making it challenging to smile evenly or perform other facial expressions
  • Every client’s result depends on their desires as well as how the body processes the adipose tissue. Typically, clients can receive the best result after three treatments.

Proven Results

Before & After

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