Always wanted to have a defined jawline?

That’s possible.


RN Julie Wuis injects a precisely measured volume in various places of the jawline to create a sharp, distinct appearance. She uses a cannula to lift the neckline, contour the face and sculpt the jaw to your desired aesthetic appearance. This also keeps safety in mind and has minimal bruising/ downtime for patients. Julie aims that your experience in the procedure is as comfortable as possible from start to finish.

The HA fillers Julie injects will be discussed in the consultation that can give your jaw/chin more definition, especially for those men and women looking for a slimmer appearance/profile. Individuals with a small round jaw typically have more deflation and aging signs on the face. Julie will access and discuss if a Jaw Augmentation is a proper procedure for you in the consultation.  For the best results, it is also might be necessary to place the filler directly on the cheekbone (see cheek augmentation procedure).

Post-treatment, the area is sculpted by Julie, and cold icepacks are applied. Results are immediate from this procedure. Patients can expect them to improve over the next two weeks. Results last typically from 2-5 years depending on the product as well as amount injected.

Proven Results

Before & After

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