The Lip augmentation treatment can give you plump, rejuvenated, full lips with little to no downtime.

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures as full lips with a pronounced cupid bow signifies youth as well as enhances all the other features on the face. Lip augmentation with Julie is subtle with the goal of a very natural appearance. She will take into consideration all your other features that will help the final result look suitable for your desired look.

Hyaluronic Acid filler is used to do the augmentation, which is a naturally occurring ingredient that already exists in the skin and connective tissues. Lip fillers will smooth out any lines or deflation on the lips as well as hydrate them. It is essential to Julie that her clients only use HA filler not only for optimal results but also to maintain a standard of safety for her patients. Julie will also review all questions and concerns in the consultation before beginning treatment with patients. Results can last anywhere from 6 months- 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many clients are afraid of the procedure hurting, and this is a question that is frequent in Julie’s practice. We are happy to say lip injections with Julie are painless as she uses a topical medical grade numbing agent (lidocaine), as well as numbing already in the filler syringe to remove any discomfort.

  • There is much misconception in regards to lip fillers looking “unnatural.” A common concern Julie will hear is, “I don’t want to look like a duck.” Julie prides herself in her ability always to maintain natural results. Sometimes patients can frequently go from clinic to clinic hoping to achieve bigger fuller lips to quickly, and this is where the “duck” issue arises. Julie will strategically look at your anatomy and tell you what is possible and not possible with the lips, and the certain maximum amount for your lips in which you can avoid the unnatural appearance. Julie will review and shows you what the result will look like before the beginning of the procedure to remove any uncertainties. Clients must be aware; however, swelling can be VERY deceiving post-treatment. Most of Julies photos posted in “before/after” sections of the website are swollen immediately after. These results will go down by about 1/3 once the swelling is resolved. Clients concerned about this have to be aware that swelling can take place 2-7 days post-treatment and to prepare in advance for this occurrence.

  • The simple and easy answer to this question is no. Lips do not deflate post lip filler; it is the opposite. The injected material, Hyaluronic acid, is a naturally occurring substance in our body. As we age, we lose this HA in our skin cells naturally. We are replacing the HA that has broken down over time in the lips in this procedure. The Hyaluronic Acid helps restore skin, increase the speed of the rejuvenation of new cells, and keeps your skin stable and balanced. It also replenishes moisture, which helps with making your lips look healthy and plump. If you do the treatment once and choose never to do it again, there is no issue, and your lips will return to their previous appearance in 6-12 months.

  • This is an excellent question as there are so many fillers on the market and misconceptions on their longevity. In regards to the HA fillers Julie uses, no they are not permanent. However, this is justified for many reasons in Julie’s practice. The biggest reason is that if there was a rare emergent situation, such as an occlusion, a rare occurrence where the filler is injected into a vein or artery, it must be removed immediately under the close supervision of Julie and her team. Permanent fillers do not allow for this type of safety as they cannot be removed as easily. Julie will not compromise on patient safety in regards to fillers and instructs her patients/ colleagues to do the same. Another good reason for using only HA filler is that the filler is dissolvable. Dissolvability is essential if a patient changes their mind on treatment, or is unsatisfied with a result. Julie does many corrections of HA filler injection (which can be seen on the revisions page), to show how clients must stick to HA fillers to avoid permanent issues that can compromise their appearance.

Proven Results

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