Liquid Facelift

HA Filler Packages and Sculptra


Julie has packages available upon consultation in regards to HA filler injection in combination with Sculptra for the perfect liquid facelift.  Sculptra is effective for significant volume loss in the face in which HA fillers have a difficult time to rejuvenate.



Collagen is a crucial component in holding volume, youth, and structure underneath the surface of the skin. Our bodies over time produce less collagen, losing elasticity and volume in the tissues. Sun exposure, toxins, and environmental factors also break down our bodies natural collagen. Skin creams are fantastic for the surface of the skin. However, they can not aid in stimulating the collagen at the same level as we hope for achieving positive aging.


Sculptra can be a solution to this aging process.

Sculptra stimulates the deeper layers of the skin to help encourage the production of the bodies natural collagen. Results with Sculptra appear to be very natural and are a replacement for those seeking extra lift without the use of HA fillers or in combination.

Sculptra will allow for a more youthful, natural look to emerg over time compared to other treatments. This treatment will meet the needs of many clients who do not want a drastic change quickly. These clients want to see a gradual improvement in their skin tone with little to no downtime.

Sculptra can be done in a series of treatments, and the results continue to improve over time.  Results of this procedure can last more than two years.

Proven Results

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