Revisions & Corrections

Julie made a name for herself in the industry as the injector who wants to build HA fillers away from unsatisfactory results, to a more enhanced natural result for her patients.


She does this by advertising free assessment and treatment for patients struggling with HA filler issues. Julie wants to break the stigma of HA filler injection in that fillers will always look “unnatural.” Her goal is to create a name for the industry once again and show patients that results should only enhance what they already have. Julie takes pride in supporting her colleagues on this journey as well. HA filler injection techniques have changed over the years and continue to keep evolving. All injectors are aware of this, and no one is at fault when it comes to an unsatisfactory result. The only difference is that we must treat it if it is undesirable. Julie wants to ensure every patient has a 10/10 outcome when it comes to their procedure plan, and she will be sincere in her consultation. If a treatment is not satisfactory, she will insist on removing it, or beginning with a “fresh slate.” In this album, we have compiled some examples of Julies work with Revision of patients over the past few years. The great thing about HA fillers is, they ARE reversible.


Julie insists if a patient is struggling with the appearance of filler, they come to see her for a second opinion on the matter. She wants all injectors to work together and collaborate to bring the medical aesthetic world to a higher standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Depending on the treatment plan, Julie might decide to do between 1-3 sessions. She will discuss the plan with you upon consultation. Treatment usually takes approximately 30 mins with consult included.

  • Initially, the filler will dissolve minimally, but you will see a significant difference. Over a week, the full effect of the treatment will have taken place. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled before your departure to ensure that you will are seen at the time of full removal.

  • Julies trained eye will be able to see where the filler was placed without the patient knowing exactly where, even if the procedure was done 5-10 years ago. In the consult, you and Julie will decide together what is the best plan for your overall appearance.

  • Sometimes filler taken out after years of being in the skin can create a significant improvement based on where it was placed or where it has migrated. However, if we want further correction, Julie will suggest a follow-up appointment in a minimum 1-week post-treatment to discuss correction options.

Proven Results

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