Tear Trough

The tear trough area is a small section of skin that runs from the inner eye to the outer corner.

This area is known to patients as “eye bags.”


Both under-eye bags and tear troughs when sunken can leave patients appearing tired or unrested. Aging in this area can often occur with fat loss or gain in the surrounding area of the eyelids. As aging occurs, the cheek loses its support under the eye bag, and the trough begins to sink in. This sinking creates a very dark, hollow appearance under the eyes. Patients complain of looking “tired,” but not feeling this way.


Until HA fillers came onto the scene, surgery was the only option for patients who wished to correct the tear troughs. Now Hyaluronic Acid fillers can treat the area with little to no downtime as opposed to surgical techniques. HA fillers are also used in cases when there is an issue with pigmentation within the tear trough area. Julie has advanced training in this procedure and can treat the tear trough area with the cannula technique. The cannula is necessary for undereye filler injection because the procedure has no downtime, no bruising, and most importantly, significantly lowers complications during or after the procedure. An injector needs to be well versed in the injection of the tear trough as it is one of the most challenging procedures to provide for patients. Julie discusses with patients risks/benefits of the procedure, the cost, as well as what to expect in consult before treatment. Final results typically last 8-24 months post-procedure.

Proven Results

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